From Novel to Movie Hell

February 16, 2010

I finished the From Hell Graphic Novel a few days ago and I’ve been reading through the appendix, which, I might add is taking me as long as reading through the main part. However, during the weekend I watched the movie again and it’s quite easy to see why Alan Moore would be so against it.

The Graphic is so strict to a lot of historical events and takes a lot of references from what appear to be reputable sources, that for a movie to be made from it would either have to take a small part of the Graphic novel or would have to be a very long movie. It’s hard to give a blow by blow account of all the failings that happen in the movie as I’m not really that motivated to sit through the movie more than twice in a lifetime. At the fore is the mixture of Mr Abberline and Mr Lees characters and the introduction of Abberline being a opium fiend. Now that I think back I don’t remember there being much mention of the letter that inspires the name of the Graphic novel.

There is also no mention of Hawksmoor’s churches which really are the main inspiration behind the Graphic novel.

Either way, just a short one, but the graphic novel is something that has inspired me to read a bit more about the ripper murders and masonry, etc.


Firefox ‘feature’ strikes again

September 17, 2008

We all remember, well, I remember, when Firefox had a wonderful feature that hogged memory like nobodies business. This was to do with the way it cached tabbed browsing and there was, I believe a way to turn it off.

I use firefox for certain sites that I can’t access any other way (continuum, which has a bug in its cookies that Firefox apparently doesn’t handle properly) and I’m ok with it, it does what it’s mean to do (for me), for the most part. However, today I came across this bug which is a problem with the way that Firefox’s anti-phishing works. It basically states that if a file path is being sent to the server through a form it should be truncated so that just the filename is sent and not the full path. What a great feature, all those forms I’m going to fill out with full paths which could be used by phishers (there probably is a usecase), but the real problem comes when you have someone like this guy who clearly needs the standard functionality.

Once again Firefox team haven’t really thought through their ‘feature’ and it’s going to cause them problems with Chrome and Opera being strong contenders. Opera having all the functionality and more of Firefox (without the ability to write complex extensions) and Chrome being the new kid on the block with a whole host of its own problems but the ability to move forward in a way that Firefox doesn’t seem to be able to.