Useful windows shortcuts

Im always looking for new Keyboard shortcuts and I found this rather special gem today in my rss feeds.

Quickly position two windows side by side in WinXP.

  1. Ctrl+Shift+Esc: Opens TaskManager (I didn’t know this before, very useful shortcut instead of Alt+Ctrl+Del then ‘t’)
  2. Select two or more windows that you want side by side (can use Ctrl+Space for this plus up, down).
  3. Alt+W which opens the Windows menu.
  4. V to Tile Vertically, H to Tile Horizontally.

Taken from The Old New Thing and I have a bunch of others that I use frequently.

Windows Key + E: Opens Explorer window so you can navigate your hard drives.

Windows Key + D: The first time it shows the desktop, the second time it restores the windows.

Windows Key + M: Minimizes all windows.

Windows Key + Shift + M: Same thing as the second time you press Windows Key + D, restores the minimized windows.

Windows Key + L: Locks the workstation instead of Ctrl+Alt+Del then k.

Windows Key + R: Opens the Run dialog, this can also be useful for navigating to a directory quickly.

Windows Key + Tab: Same thing as Alt+Tab but on the TaskBar, except you have to press space for that application to gain focus.

Alt+PrintScreen: Same thing as PrintScreen except it only copies the currently selected window.

So far this is really it without getting in to application specific shortcuts, hope this helps someone out there.


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