Sketch-A-Day 20090602

Taken from Eliza Gauger’s idea I’ve decided to start uploading at least one sketch per day. I generally do more than one but they’re not very good so I think it’s ok to put up more than one and it’ll encourage me to do more.

I realise they’re not great but it gets me drawing.


5 Responses to Sketch-A-Day 20090602

  1. severnyproductions says:

    So many people underestimate the power of sketches.
    Its where the artists journey relly begins.A picture doesn’t have to be a finished canvas to be a work of art.

  2. caroltaylor says:

    You’re doing well. I’ve taught drawing for many years (university, college, art institute, art museum, privately) and would like to make a suggestion, but only if you wish me to.

    • pintsizedcat says:

      Thanks, that means rather a lot coming from a teacher, I know many a teacher I didn’t appreciate at school but I now appreciate more than ever.
      I would love for you to make any suggestion you have, I am always looking to improve.

  3. caroltaylor says:

    Thank you. I would say that you might try to vary the values in your sketches from light to dark. You’ve begun to do so in your drawing of the eye, and it is the most developed of the 3 sketches. Don’t hold back… use black as well; it will give your work a richness that they may not have without it. And most important: Continue drawing!

    • pintsizedcat says:

      Thank you for the advice I will try and vary it, I think for the moment I’m trying to get the proportions correct but I’ll do some more shade work over the course of my sketching.

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