Daily Routines

Daily Routines is a blog “how writers, artists, and other interesting people organize their days”. I really enjoy it as it gives me inspiration for how I should be spending my day, how much time I waste and gives me insight into what real people do with their day when they’re not at work (or in some of the cases, whilst they are working).

It inspires me to formulate a rigid attitude to creativity but at the same time I’m of the feeling that disorder creates creativity. Inspiration comes from clutter and randomness (trinkets on the desk, photos on the walls, models and paintings scattered about) and minimalism is what I imagine firms use to make sure their employees work every single minute of the day.

In the book Queuing for Beginners there’s a whole chapter on the Englishman’s working day, and it goes into length about different attitudes brought over from America. The small desks, clean/blank desks, crammed workspace and firms trying to get rid of watercoolers because of ‘watercooler talk’ (an actual myth, there is no such thing according to the book). What it came down to was that firms wanted minimalism so their employees didn’t get distracted, but this kind of behaviour lowers moral and enjoyment in work. If you instead let workers make their desk their own little home then moral boosts and people enjoy their work more, you never know, they might even stay at work longer.


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