Boosting ones mood

This is in my series of reading all the blog posts I’ve been meaning to read for ages and making short comments on them.

There was a post a while ago on Pick The Brain (here), a brilliant blog I read with motivational posts and things like 9 Ways to Boost your Mood which is the post I’ll be talking about.

As of late I’ve been in some very foul moods because of the situation someone very dear to me is in and because of this things have been a bit tense at certain moments. If there’s a way to boost my mood then I want to try it when I’m in these situations. Unfortunatley it’s often the case that when in one of these moods none of the 9 ways to boost my mood come to mind. It just so happens that all of the 9 ways are very simply a way to take your mind off what’s causing you to be in a bad mood. Watching a tv show or taking a bath generally shifts your focus from the bad mood thing to relaxing or escapism. Doing some cleaning is very theraputic mostly, in my opinion, because it distracts the mind and allows it to clear itself.


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