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I am unsure how best to reply to comments but I have recently had two quite long comments on my postQ&A to Scientology Poster and I want to reply to them so that others can get to the comment and then read my reply. Here you’ll find a link to Chuck’s comment followed by a response.

The comments and response follow the more tag (I hope this bit works).

Comment by Chuck Beatty

Chuck was a Sea Org member for 27 years, which, as far as I can understand is the inner workers society of Scientology, though I have no actual idea what they do I have heard that they are the Scientology ‘elite’. You can read more about Chuck’s past here and here. Chuck talks about the ‘success stories’ or what I believe are called ‘wins’, these are, as far as I understand it, progress that members have made during their time in Scientology. Through my knowledge of Psychology and Persuasion I’d say that the repeating of these stories is some form of affirmation, synonymous with saying to yourself “I am confident” every day in front of the mirror but to them it’s like saying “This stuff works and my life is better because of it”.

Chuck talks briefly about OT3 which for the time being I’m not really willing to get into, but safe to say I’ve read the stories about what it is and when I find a Scientologist willing to speak openly about it (sorry Chuck, I trust your comment but I need to hear it from someone in Scientology) I’ll be more confident about talking about it.

The idea that Scientology is out to blame Psychology is intriguing to me because the idea of auditing seems very close to that of psychoanalysis (and in some cases, past life regression). I feel that psychoanalysis can be a very beneficial tool in solving personal problems but also I feel that one should be open to the idea that  medication can help and so can psychoanalysis (especially if you’re based directly off it).

Chuck also writes; “That is the simplicity of Scientology/Hubbard, and the “body thetans” part the Scientologists are NOT allowed to tell freely, since that is confidential.”. Which would be why we don’t get a straight answer out of Scientologists, even those openly intrigued and interested by the beliefs and practices.

Thank you for your response Chuck it’s very helpful and interesting.


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