Science is Killing us all

Is an amusing yet probably quite serious post about different parts of science and how they can lead to the end of humanity. The one that took my attention most was on Bees, which, according to the post, are a vital source for the growth of many plants.

The reason that this peeked my curiosity slightly is because I recently saw a program called Jimmy and the Wild Honey Hunters ( which was about a guy who goes to Nepal to see some, well, wild honey hunters. It mentions that Bees are very important and so seeing this twice in as many weeks makes me wonder how serious it is.

Also, I like the bit about the Swedish bringing an end to the world and wonder, if it happened and I found out that suddenly we were all collapsing into a black hole, what would I do. I think I’d rush to see those I love and wonder why they were thinking I was mad at the thought of being sucked into a black hole created by the Swedes.


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