Scientology Protests

July 4, 2008

Over the past few months I’ve come to see Scientology in many lights and there are definatley some bad things about Scientology, which I will not discuss in this post, but the protests by people who want to remain anonymous are coming to seem not so good either.

The manner in which you protests is very important when trying to get a message across and although it depends on your protest, if your protests are deamed peaceful (as are the ones lead by the people who want to remain anonymous) intimidation should be kept out. I think it’s safe to say that people will always feel intimidated when their beliefs or the organisation they are working for are being attacked, but one should not have that as the main focus of the protests. I have a good example of a situation in which intimidation is both used and very wrong and one that shed light on why these anonymous protesters may be going about things the wrong way.

Harrods sell fur and are as far as I am aware the only company to sell fur in the London maybe even England. Anyway, every Saturday a small group of protesters gather outside Knightsbridge tube station and protest. I have only seen them do this peacefully but I am told by employees of Harrods that they are verbally abused by these protesters. That is to say that if someone who works in the electronics departement of Harrods comes out of the exit and is spotted by these protesters, they are harassed, and abused to the point of being told _they_ are murders. This is entirely wrong and not very nice for those employed by Harrods, they have no say over what Harrods sells and most of them have no direct impact or influence on what Harrods sells. This type of abuse is not helping the cause of the protest at all and is very abusive.

It is this type of activity that can be likened to hundreds of protesters shouting ‘SCIENTOLOGY KILLS’ or ‘CULT’ outside a Church of Scientology building once a month. The staff at those institues are very much being abused and harassed and this is not the right thing for a peaceful protest. It neither encourages those inside to seek help, nor does it make them aware of the wrong that Scientology may be doing. If anything it pushes them away, affirms their view of the protesters missinformed views and angers them.

It seems a lot of people have fun at these protests (as I have witnessed) and many leaflets seem to be handed out. Yet, if these protesters want to save Scientologists I fear they are not doing it right.