Tom Cruise Unauthorized

April 20, 2008

I’ve just finished the Tom Cruise Unauthorized Biography, which, unfortunatley, is unavailable in the UK. I managed to get hold of a copy last time I was in the States and since then I’ve read it cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only has it shed good light on Tom Cruise, but it’s shed a lot of bad light on him as well and is really rather revealing in terms of Scientology.

Tom Cruise, it would seem, is a very good actor and deserves to be where he is in terms of acting career, I can’t deny him that. However, what he does for and with Scientology is devious and aweful. Sitting down infront of Matt Lauer and saying

“You don’t even know what Ritalin is, You have to evaluate and read the research papers on how they came up with these theories, Matt. That’s what I’ve done. And you should do that also… you should be a little bit more responsible, Matt.”

It seems his whole thing with Oprah which everyone laughed at, jumping on the sofa, really didn’t do his career well and it ended with him ditching his Sister and going with some real Public Relations guys. It seems like he and Steven Spielberg fell out over the fact that he was overzealous about his religion and didn’t focus on the promotion of War of the Worlds.

The way he treated Nicole after/during their breakup is aweful and really revealing at how ruthless he was before Scientology. How he tried to lure in many a beautiful and well respected Girl into his religion and his life and in the end luring Katie Holmes in, in what seems to be what she thought might be an opportunity to improve her career.

It looks like the future might hold a lot of promotions overseas for Tom and his religion. He’s been pushing it in Germany and lobbying the American government about how the German’s aren’t adhereing to human rights policies and the such. It seems celebrities can get quite a lot of eartime from higher ups which anyone who actually knows about these things doesn’t get, if they listen or not is anybodies guess, so far they haven’t done anything about Germany. However it seems that in the state of Arizona they listen to Tom Cruise more than they listen to anyone who knows.

I’d recommend anyone to read Tom Cruise: The Unauthorized Biography by Andrew Morton, it’s very telling.


Intelligent Design

April 3, 2008

Thinking about Intelligent Design I came across two realisations.

1) If God is Perfect then Intelligent Design is not possible. Fundamentally this comes down to the arguement that if God is perfect we cannot apply Human traits to God. Lets say for instance that Intelligent Design is correct, there was a creator, by saying they are intelligent it means that they had to think about and design everything. This means that they are partly human, they aren’t Perfect, therefore there is something more Perfect than they and they are not the most Perfect being. This doesn’t work for a monotheistic religion like Christianity.
I am also aware that this is a little more complicated than I have put forward, but I believe the next point will tackle the issue.

2) The way we define Intelligence is down to logic, thinking, design, perfection, etc. Therefore, for Intelligent Design to be possible we have to have a God that is logical, who can think and Design as we say it. However, if God is all knowing then he has no reason for logic, intelligence or design, so to say that we are Intelligently Designed says that we Had to be Intelligently Designed. Therefore God cannot be all knowing and so is not God.

As an aside, if God is Perfect and all knowing then he knows the future and so cannot design what he knows is going to happen. Also, it means he has no control over what is going to happen and so presumably is not Perfect. Mostly symmantic arguements and applying Human wording to a higher being, but interesting that God appears to transcend our definition of him but Christians still confine him to their definitions all the time.