The Dynamics of Life [CoS]

See CoS

  • 8:

    “Infinity, God, or Surpeme Being.”
    I’m still going to bang on about it, because I don’t want to forget that Scientology says we don’t have to believe anything which we can’t ‘experience of observe’, so at some point I want to ‘experience of observe’ Infinity, God or Supreme Beings.

  • 7: Spirtual

    “Anything Spiritual with or without identity, life source.”
    See 8, though I suppose that I experience these everyday through interactions, presumably I come across Spirits or Thetans everyday.

  • 6:Physical Universe

    “comprised of four components Matter, Energy, Space and Time.”
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Science tells us that Matter is Energy and presumably Space is Energy as well. Time I look forward to hearing their definition of as apparently one can have mulitple lives though if this is through reincarnation or not I do not know as yet.

  • 5: Life Forms

    “all plant and animal life.”
    I guess this includes Humans as we are Animals.

  • 4: Mankind

    “as a species.”
    Ok so we have our seperate Dynamic, we must be special somehow.

  • 3: Group Surival

    “friends, club, company, nation, race.”
    I guess this goes under Social Evolution, Group Evolution, etc.

  • 2: Family

    “children an all other creativity.”
    An odd one, I guess we have to take these as given, the Church is telling us what it is, we must listen, I would guess this also falls under the 3rd Dynamic (Group survival).

  • 1: Self

    “the individual, his body, mind and posessions.”
    So I presume the Thetan is transcendential to the Self, he uses the Self to get to the Infinity, or something, speculation of course.

We are told that by understanding these Dynamics we can progress through them, work out the links and attain the top level 8th Dynamic. I certainly look forward to it.


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